Friday, November 30, 2012

The best kind of Turkey

Craft time is here once again. Otherwise known as the Holidays! It seems each year as we approach the Holiday season our family finds ourselves deeply immersed into the world of crafting. You have Halloween, Thanksgiving and then Christmas all in a row each one begging for a craft or two to be devoted to the day.
This year is seems we are busier than ever (although it is entirely possible that I have just placed a huge barrier between myself and memories of busyness from previous years.) As we approach this crafting season it seems I may have some different criteria from previous seasons.

1. Keep it Simple (It will help with everyone's sanity)
2. Keep it Cheap (most of these items will not stick around for too long)
3. Use items that can be found around the house
4. Plan, Plan, Plan

With these basic rules in mind I attacked my computer looking for a Thanksgiving craft. I scoured pintrest and other favorite sites for project ideas. I found many beautiful ideas that I would love to execute and have placed in wonder nooks and crannies for the Holidays but alas, I don't have nooks in my house and the crannies are definitely not filled with beautiful, completed craft items. I remind myself to keep it simple and cheap - after all those are the crafts the kids really love.

In the end, I found a wonderful Thanksgiving turkey. I was able to use items already in my house and my oldest could do the craft all by herself. (Independence is becoming increasingly important to her.)

Here is what you will need to make your own Thanksgiving Turkey - the easy way.
- An empty toilet paper roll
- Colored paper (we used card stock)
- Google eyes or markers/pen/crayon
- Glue
- Scissors

 Cut a body out of brown paper to go over one end of the tube. I used the tube as a template - trace the end of the tube, go up a few inches and trace another circle (a bottle cap will work for the smaller circle) and draw lines to connect them. You will also need to cut out feet, a wattle, feathers and a beak. For the beak I cut out two small triangles, folded over a small flap on the fat end of the triangle (the side I was going to attach to the bird), then I folded each triangle in half. When I glued the flap onto the face it made the beak stand out.

The feet will help your bird stand - Be careful not to make them too small.

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