Friday, November 30, 2012

Advent Tree Countdown

This is a project my family did last year and really love. I think it is worth sharing. We wanted a Christmas countdown for our kids but we wanted to make it. After much online research this is what we came up with.
The kids place a star on the tree or board each day leading up to Christmas. They are so excited to be able to add a star to the board and love counting how many are left in the box. This project was another one that was really, really simple and fun.
You will need:
- a metal tray (we went thrift shopping and found one for $.10
- Paint
-Craft Sealer
- 25 wooden stars (a visit to your local craft store)
our store also had circles and we considered making little ornaments but the kids wanted stars
- 25 magnetic backs (again local craft store/shopping center)
- Paint the tray
- Add a tree
- Paint the starts
- Spray with a sealer (a few coats)
- Add the magnetic backs to the starts
- Begin your countdown
It really is that easy.

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