Thursday, June 21, 2012

The difference between Multi-task and Multiply

         I have recently learned a little more about two words that are frequently confused. What words you may ask? (Or, like most people you may have already guessed due to the title of this entry) Yes, those words are multi-task and multiply. Now, before you think "this woman has completely gone crazy!" Let me explain. I think you will find you have the same problem.
        If you ask me if I can multi-task I would say yes but, some part of me (not so deep inside) would believe that I can really multiply.
        I can cook dinner, keep track of the children, and listen to something on the radio. I can read and have a conversation (yes, I really can.) I can talk to you while planning out my day and getting my children dressed. Those are all great examples of multi-tasking that most of us could probably do. So what's the problem? It's the next step.
       I like to think that I can help you pack for your vacation while keeping my house clean.  I imagine that I can spend meaningful time with my children, so they behave at night, while running an entire day's worth of errands. I often fool myself into thinking that I can get the children into bed at a good time, the house picked up, have time to read, get some work done and get to sleep at a reasonable hour. Crazy, right? Now I have crossed the line. What we are talking about is no longer multi-tasking, but, instead the need to multiply. I often find that I need at least two or more of me in order to complete the things I have planned.
       This was most recently the case when I decided that I could start a blog, do meaningful projects with my kids, make projects for my sisters upcoming wedding and student teach. The need to multiply had never been greater and my powers of supreme multi-tasking were failing in a huge way. That being said, I did manage to make a few projects with the kids and we all made it through student teaching with only a few limbs missing and most of our sanity. I am excited to say projects have resumed, and hopefully, so has posting.