Friday, November 30, 2012

Easy Christmas Angel

 In the spirit of keeping with our newly found Holiday crafting rules we have now completed our first Christmas craft - a coffee filter angle. We have made these angels three years in a row and each year the kids love making them. They are already asking if we can make another.

To make your very own Christmas angel you will need:
- 3 coffee filters
- 2 cotton balls
- string/yarn
- a pipe cleaner
- glue
- decorating supplies glitter, markers, googly eyes, etc. (optional)

In the past we have make plain, white angels, we have colored them with markers and we have painted our angels. This year we decided to use markers and then spray the colored filters with a water bottle.

First, decorate the coffee filters. Two of the filters will form the body of the angel (and head), one will become the wings. If you want to draw eyes on your angel you can place the cotton balls in the center of one of the coffee filters and wrap the filter around the cotton. This will show you where your head is going to be located.

                                                                                                  Make a sandwich with two coffee filters and the cotton balls. Lay one filter down on the table with the "wrong side" up. Place both cotton balls in the center of the coffee filter. Sandwich the cotton balls with the second coffee filter placed "wrong side" up.
                                                                                                    Now wrap the cotton balls with the filters to form a head. Tie your string/yarn around the cotton balls to form a head and keep the second filter from falling.  Tie the ends of the string together to form a loop if you want to hang your angel up. (ornament)
The next step is to fold the third cotton filter in half.
Pinch the filter in the middle to form wings.

Cut a pipe cleaner in half. Wrap on end around the wings to hold them in place and then form a halo with the remainder of the pipe cleaner.
Glue your wings onto the back of you angel and you are finished. Or add eyes/mouth/glitter/sequins or anything else you can imagine.

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